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From my discovery, I have never looked back and my life has been totally transformed in to something I never thought would be possible by just using a few simple techniques.

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Some Keyword Examples and Testing
With 1st Page Rankings Live Results
From Using Starting Out SEO Online Marketing
Google Search Term Below "Starting Out SEO " for my web site
Amazing results
Live results
Google Search Term Below "diet recipe lose weight" for my web site
keyword diet recipes lose weight
Now look at the image below. This is the volume of traffic Google is searched for using keyword "diet recipe lose weight" Globally 8,100 times monthly and I'm twice of the first page as above.
Google monthly search for diet recipes lose weight
Now look at the image below and my web site is getting
between 100 to 200 visits monthly.
Google Analytics Results
Google Search Term Below "amaretto" for our clients web site -
Now look at the image below. This is the volume of traffic Google is searched for using keyword "amaretto" Globally 301,100 times monthly and I'm twice of the first page as above.
Google Monthlt searches
These results above will be similar whether you do a or search. Try it and see for yourself?
Yahoo Search Term Below "Indonesian restaurants london" for my clients web site
Bing Search Term Below "Indonesian restaurants london" for my clients web site
Google Free Keyword Tool: 301,000 Global Monthly Searches
Google Free Keyword Tool: 40,500 Global Monthly Searches
Google Free Keyword Tool: 14,800 Global Monthly Searches

These results will be similar whether you do a or search.

Check Then Out On Yahoo and Bing with Similar 1st Page Results if not Better

“Amaretto” on the 1st Page with 6,760,000 results
"Egypt Property Finder” on the 1st Page with 7,320,000 results
"Jakarta restaurant” on the 1st Page with 11,200,000 results


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Gary Hyams
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